taken at  hidden wanagiri hill, bali . See more travel photos here:   @bautistafh

taken at hidden wanagiri hill, bali. See more travel photos here: @bautistafh


France Herwieline Bautista is a 20-something Filipina who likes to talk about herself in third person, kidding she does not like to talk at all, thanks to her introversion. She loves writing though and she always finds herself typing random ideas on her phone, from heartfelt poems to elaborate plots of world domination. After 6.9 years of practicing a different craft, she finally decided to put some of the creative juices through blogging.

To regain balance, France loves traveling to places with sense of peace and oneness. She believes that exploring the inner world, is as essential as exploring the physical one. Spirituality and esoteric studies have been a big part of her life lately, and spending time alone gives her more freedom to hone other gifts.

When in Manila, she loves to meditate, read the tarot or just hang out at the rooftop to observe the concrete jungle, while tuning in with the moon’s energy. She prefers to be somewhere foreign though and experience a life out of her comfort zone. May Places of Aum be a guide not just for every reader’s wanderlust, but also for their spiritual journeys.